Executive Board

President: Erin Evans
Hometown: Dexter, MI
Graduation Year: 2022
College of Literature Arts & Science
Community Action and Social Change

As President, Erin oversees all events and meetings of the Shipman Society and makes sure everything is running smoothly! Erin is involved in Kinesiology Diversity Inclusion Network, Phi Epsilon Kappa Professional Kinesiology Fraternity, and Student Food Co. She also works for the Environment and Policy Laboratory through the School of Kinesiology and Michigan Recreational Sports. Outside of class, she is often found trying new Ann Arbor restaurants, watering her plants, or trying to escape the campus squirrels.

Secretary: Gabi Mechaber
Hometown: Miami, FL
Graduation Year: 2022
Stamps School of Art & Design
Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship

As Secretary, Gabi is in charge of keeping meeting records and overseeing Society-wide communications, especially the Society’s biweekly newsletter, The Foghorn, as well as managing the Shipman Website. On campus Gabi is involved in Spoon University, and SHEI Magazine. In her limited free time she enjoys reading and endlessly watching youtube videos.

Treasurer: Emma Susin
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Graduation Year: 2023
School of Nursing

As Treasurer, Emma manages the Society’s funds and finances our social activities. Emma is a member of LGBT+ Michigan, and Student Nurses’ Association. She also volunteers at the birth center of Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital through the Dial-a-Doula program. In her free time she likes to run, spend time with friends, and look at pets that she wishes she could adopt on humane society websites. On Friday evenings, she can almost certainly be found at Markley Dining.

stuartonrocks - Stuart Coles

Community Service Chair: Stuart Coles
Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI
Graduation Year: 2022
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Data Science and Music Double Major

As Community Service Chair, Stuart runs the Shipman Society’s volunteer efforts in and around the Ann Arbor communities. On campus, Stuart is a part of WCBN, the campus radio station, and the Michigan Electronic Music Collective, which is an electronic music group that hosts events and educates members on the art and technique of dance music. He is an avid pianist and loves to solve problems. He competes with Janani Ghandi for the loudest laugh in the Shipman Society. He also likes birds.

Student Relations Chair: Oliver Barron
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Graduation Year: 2021
College of Engineering, School of Music, Theater, and Dance
Trumpet Performance, Mechanical Engineering, Music Education

As Student Relations Chair, Oliver helps to plan our annual Shipman Weekend, where prospective students come to learn about our society and the University. He also manages our mentorship program! Oliver is an enthusiastic trumpet player who is also pursuing an engineering degree with all of the nonexistent time he spends not playing trumpet. In the free time on top of that which he doesn’t have, he enjoys having a good time with friends and attempting to play sports. He enjoys attending and performing in concerts, as well as volunteering with your music groups and sometimes just killing time walking through campus. He can do an english accent, play the piano, and plays a mean game of table tennis. He also claims to always win at monopoly. He does not take the time to properly crop photos before submitting them to surveys.

Social Chair: Ebony Matthews
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI
of Engineering

As Social Chair, Ebony is responsible for organizing Shipman’s social activities, from movie nights to Society dinners and even off campus adventures.

Educational Development Chair: Emma Roggenbuck
Graduation Year: 2023
Hometown: Sandusky, MI
of Literature, Arts & Science
Molecular Biology

As Educational Development Chair, Emma is responsible for hosting and planning society events that promote learning, for example our monthly documentary nights! Emma is a part of the Michigan Basketball Band and the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). At the lab, she researches the DNA of various Great Lakes fish species. She is from the very small town of Sandusky, Michigan — not Ohio. Instead of Cedar Point, Sandusky, MI is home to a Walmart, three stop-lights, and lots of cows. In her free time, Emma enjoys music, theater, and planning trips she will never take.