Shipmate Virgil Watkins and his teammates on the football field this past Saturday!

Congrats to our very own Shipmate Virgil Watkins for winning the Big Ten men’s gymnastics title!!! The Men’s Gymnastics Team was recently honored on the field during the Northwestern vs. Michigan game this past Saturday.

This past April, Virgil and his team won the title at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. They tallied 411.000 points and won their 18th conference championship (first time since 2014).

Congrats Virgil, we are so proud!!!!

To celebrate the beginning of Fall, this past week Shipmates visited the Blast Corn Maze in Dexter, MI. We were able to finish the maze in about 40 minutes! Some other fall activities we did- bike racing, petting zoo, cow rides, etc. It was so much fun! See fun pics above.

Shipmates from left to right: Sofia, Ria, Chase, Nate, and Faith enjoying their pancakes and orange juice

We hosted our annual Pancakes and Orange Juice brunch this past weekend before the Rutgers game on Saturday! It was so much fun! See pics above. Thanks to our president Erin and Jackie for being amazing and making over 50 pancakes!!!

Welcome back Shipmates! Hope everyone is enjoying their first few weeks of the semester! We are so happy to be back in Ann Arbor and reunited with each other in person. Last night we had our first meeting of the new school year in Palmer Commons. We hosted a Kahoot Trivia Night featuring fun facts about each other. It was so much fun. See below for our group photo!

Shipmates at our first meeting at Palmer Commons

We had A LOT of fun events these past weeks! Here is a brief outline of what our Shipmates have been up to!

We had SHIPMAN WEEKEND! Shipman Weekend is usually a 3-day long weekend where prospective Shipmates are invited to Ann Arbor to meet the current Shipmates as well as tour campus and their respective schools. It is usually a weekend jam-packed with social and informational events as well as student interviews. We love Shipman weekend as it is always so much fun to show students how amazing our community is. This year we had a virtual Shipman weekend event where prospective students came to hear about our experiences. It was organized by our amazing Student Relations Chair, Oliver Barron. Students were split into breakout rooms based on their majors/interests. It was so much fun to meet everyone and we hope to see you all in the Fall 🙂

“Shipman Weekend” Zoom Call 2021

Next up, we hosted a Bob Ross Painting Night over Zoom. Shipmates were able to pick up painting supplies in order to join a super fun Zoom call where we each painted along with the amazing, Bob Ross. We watched the video “The Grandeur of Summer” (in case anyone wants to reference). See below for some of our amazing creations!

Our last amazing activity of the week took place at our last Shipman meeting! Our meeting was community service based where we worked on transcribing documents for the Smithsonian! It was super interesting to learn about these documents and Shipmates found some really cool information. We learned a lot about an aviatrix named Ruth Law.

Shipman Meeting transcribing documents for the Smithsonian, March 2021