Class of 2020

CampbellHeadshot - Brendan Campbell.png

Brendan Campbell
Hometown: Novi, MI
College of Engineering
Computer Science
Business Minor

Brendan stays involved with business on campus through the MECC consulting group, and he is also a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

IMG_4915 - Brendan Jackson

Brendan Jackson
Hometown: Grand Blanc, MI
College of Engineering
Computer Science

As President, Brendan oversees the inner workings of the Shipman Society. He is majoring in Computer Science, and enjoys working as a member of Model United Nations at U of M (MUNUM). He is also a member of Theta Tau, a professional engineering fraternity. In his free time, he enjoys baking, reading trash fantasy novels (talk to him about Eragon, Harry Potter, Ender’s Game, or Ready Player One!), and making fun of Jesse at every possible opportunity (of which there are many).

Brendan Kelley
Hometown: Fraser, MI
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Linguistics, Sociology
Minors: Statistics, Women’s Studies, Japanese

Brendan is a man of many talents, as he spends his free time practicing contortion, yoga, and other aerial circus arts. He also enjoys knitting.


Catherine Budd
North Salem, NY
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science Minor

Catherine spends her time on campus dancing through the Pure Dance Club for non dance majors. She also stays involved with WAA and SWE.

22363D36-BE3E-4ABA-B71E-07A1B3F6DEFC - Claire Dolot

Claire Dolot
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI
School of Nursing

Claire is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority and is also involved in March of the Dimes Club on campus.

IMG_9945 - Daniel Drew

Danny Drew
Hometown: Saginaw, MI
School: STAMPS School of Art and Design
Art and Design

Danny would like the world to know that River Phoenix is the old him. That is all.

Griffin Rubin
Hometown: New York City, NY
School of Kinesiology
Sport Management
Entrepreneurship Minor

Griffin is a member of the Sport Business Association, Michigan Sport Analytics Society, Michigan Department of Recreational Support, as well as Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

Jaeyoon Kim
College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Honors Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
Chemistry Minor

Jaeyoon likes to spend his time doing physics research, going to church, and playing frisbee. He also enjoys working on single math problems for multiple days at a time with his abnormally large brain.


Katie Cox
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Economics & Mathematics

Katie is involved with M-HEAL and the Society of Women in Economics on campus, and is a research assistant at the Institute for Social Research. After graduation, she will be moving to Boston to work at the Federal Reserve Bank, and enjoys reading and bothering her wonderful roommates (whose names may or may not be Megan Jones and Ellie Janssen).

IMG_1655 - Kay Wright.JPG

Kay Wright
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Chemistry Minor

Kay is an architecture major at U of M, as well as a member of Alpha Rho Chi and a member of the Japan Student Association. She can be shy, but she loves adventure, both the real and the intellectual kind. She loves talking to people who are different from her, so if you see her on campus feel free to say hi!


Lauren May
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Ford School of Public Policy
Public Policy
Minors: Spanish and Business

Lauren is a goalkeeper and co-president of Michigan Women’s Soccer Club and competed in Phoenix in 2016. She is a small group leader for New Life Church, as well as a member Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Fraternity. She enjoys country music in her spare time, especially Dan+Shay.

A9D5A92D-D9A2-4623-B2B8-93CD61421680 - Lea Russo

Lea Russo
Hometown: Cooper City, FL
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Interdisciplinary Astronomy Minor

Lea is an avid member (emphasis on avid) of Steel Bridge Team, where she works avidly welding components of her team’s bridge together (did I mention she’s avid?).

IMG_1386 - Megan Jones

Megan Jones
Hometown: Liberty, IN
STAMPS School of Art and Design
Art and Design

Megan is a member of Epsilon Eta, a professional environmental fraternity, and Bread Frat, which makes up for being an illegitimate organization with it’s endless supply of bread puns.

me (2) - Michael Mcmain

Educational Development Chair: Michael McMain
Hometown: Warren, MI
School: LSA
Economics, Mathematical Sciences, and Statistics
Minors: Moral and Political Philosophy

Michael works as a Resident Advisor in Alice Lloyd Dorm and as a tutor for the Academic Success Program, as well as a University and Honors Ambassador. He also enjoys designing schedules for other people.

DSC_6170 (1) - Michelle Gu

Michelle Gu
Hometown: Troy, MI
College of Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
Mathematics Minor

Michelle stays involved on campus as a member of Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (GEECS, get it?). This school really loves its acronyms, can’t you tell?

Nico Williams
Hometown: Austin, TX
College of Engineering
Computer Science Engineering

Nico is involved with Wolverine Soft (an on-campus group dedicated to developing video games), the International Game Developer Association (IGDA), and the Multidisciplinary Program research program, for which he works with the Mapleseed project. His future plans include taking EECS 494 (Game development) next semester, and going on to eventually work at Bethesda Game Studios. In his free time, he enjoys making games, playing games, watching romantic comedies, and making fun of Samiur Khan.

7A9DEDDE-E790-428A-96AA-1E9A8A62BB0D - Samiur Khan

Samiur Khan
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
School: Engineering
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Biochemistry

Samiur spends his time doing research on protein structure prediction (nbd). He enjoys cycling and sprinting and for some unexplained reason collects textbooks.